Soccer Goalies: Their Importance

  • March 21, 2020

Soccer Goalies is the most important position in soccer. They are the ones protects the other team from getting their goal. They are the ones who dive to the ground, sacrifices their bodies just to prevent the other team to make a goal.

Goalies have a privilege to touch the ball with your hand legally, but you need to do it inside the 18-yard box.

Goalies are putting things on the line. They are also the ones who will face down a shooter from 12 yards away especially for a penalty kick and everyone expects him to stop the ball. When putting things in line go to ezbonuspromocodes to get the codes you need for gambling online.

They are the one that dives the ball to prevent it from going to the net, take note that sometimes the field is hard. They also jump in the air to challenge the ball and sometimes players land on them. Goal keeping is the hardest job there is and they deserve much respect.

Their Needs

In order to play effectively goalkeepers should have the right equipment. Here are the things that they need:

A durable shoe that is comfortable. This should be with cleats or a regular soccer shoe, depending on the playing surface.

Goalie gloves. These are used to provide more grip. These are really important when doing fingertip saves.

Soccer shin guards. This will protect their lower legs from accidental kicks.

Soccer shorts or goalie pants. These are usually padded to absorb impact from falls and dives.

Soccer Socks. These are used to cover the shin guards and keep them in place.

Goalie jersey. Usually a different color from your teammates for easy distinction. These are also padded to absorb shocks and impacts.


A great goalkeeper can make a difference and impact between winning and losing games. Their primary goal is to stop the ball from entering the goal whatever it takes. Of course, he also needs the help of other soccer players in case he has left his line and block the ball. Speaking of great things, you can access bonus codes here for café casino, get it now.

But a goalkeeper has a different training regimen compared to other soccer players on the team. His role is unique and usually use medicine type balls to practice goalkeeping.